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Stolen Shoes Entertainment is a Finnish game company located in Jyväskylä. We are an ambitious start-up that will offer unforgettable experiences to our players that no other can provide.

Our Services and Products

We have a wide field of expertise in different technologies and can offer subcontracting to other IT-companies or make a complete product that the customer needs.

Games and Gamification

From Phaser to Unity and things inbetween

We have knowledge on multiple different game engines and platforms and can help you create your own advertisement game for your company or offer help in finishing your game product.


Virtual and augmented reality

We can produce impressive environments for virtual reality and augmented reality applications for Android and iOS devices.


Astonishing 3D-graphics and data visualization

We can deliver fast and good looking 3D-graphics for whatever need you have or help visualize your data the way you need it shown.

Software Production

Well versed programming language skills

We can help you finish your component, speed up the schedule of a larger project or offer consulting.

Web Development

Latest web technologies

We have knowledge in the latest web technologies and can aid in finishing your project with fluid timelines or complete your desired product.

Our team

Tero Paavolainen

Tero Paavolainen


  • Games and Modifications expert

I have always been interested in games both digital and physical and now my hope is to get games I participate in to reach of a larger audience. As a tech guy I’m also very interested in making scalable and easily modifiable softwares and code.

Miikka Sipilä

Miikka Sipilä



Enthusiast gamer with proficiency in marketing, leadership and business development.

Simo Rinne

Simo Rinne


  • Programmer/3D-artist

I am a programmer with experience in 3D-modelling and photorealistic rendering. I have a strong passion for functional programming and I like to make games, tinker with DIY electronics and compose music.

Samuli Kinnunen

Samuli Kinnunen

Technical artist

  • Programmer/3D-artist

I absolutely love all kinds of IT tech. When I was about the size of a fire extinguisher, fell in love with 3D, programming, gadgets, networking and whatnot. I see 3D edges and corners and surfaces everywhere, man.

About our business

We are highly capable company that can offer multitude of expertise as subcontracting for other businesses.

Our expertise includes many object oriented languages, top notch game engines like Unity and UnrealEngine, and frameworks and technologies including .Net, Phaser and React to name a few.

We have several years of experience in the IT field and we can work with you on a fluid schedule. Contact us and get the thing you need done!

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Jyväskylä, Finland