About our business

We are highly capable company that can offer multitude of expertise as subcontracting for other businesses.

Our expertise includes many object oriented languages, top notch game engines like Unity and UnrealEngine, and frameworks and technologies including .Net, Phaser and React to name a few.

We have several years of experience in the IT field and we can work with you on a fluid schedule. Contact us and get the thing you need done!

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Story behind the name

During the spring of 2017 when the company was only a dream we had a meeting considering our to-be name. Last night Tero and Simo from our team were at their former classmates’ housewarming party.

During the small hours Tero left with wrong shoes. Next day’s meeting Tero had the stolen shoes with him. After long discussion about possible names we decided to go with Stolen Shoes as that had been the theme for the whole meeting so far.